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Member Since: 2010-08-10 23:13:57 UTC

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2012-08-07 21:06:12 UTC

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I do hope you are not talking of your foundation garments are you?

2010-08-22 21:15:56 UTC

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Up the Orinoco delta

Tallybont near Harlech

2010-08-18 14:29:40 UTC

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Near Harlech

This is what Niel and Caroline have to put up with

2010-08-17 08:00:00 UTC

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Oh! what a crap view.JPG

Bonnie Rait about Tyler, doh

2010-08-14 13:59:43 UTC

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Bonny Rait

mmm debate was it no self control?

2010-08-14 13:54:07 UTC

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Peter runs across stage during

It happens to be the bullring in Barcelona

2010-08-13 23:26:12 UTC

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Not much use now!